Why do we dance? Why do we seek out the underground in the wee hours of the night, just to exhaust ourselves until we can watch the sunrise? I believe in dancing as an act of rebellion. I believe that music has the power to build and strengthen a community. In the United States, the Black and POC as well as queer communities have been fighting to create safe spaces for us to freely express ourselves, away from the society which often does not welcome us. And yet still to this day, we find our bodies violated by others over and over again in these spaces our forerunners have built for the safety of the community members. 

                            C..A.R.E.S. Consent card is free and available online.

                            C..A.R.E.S. Consent card is free and available online.


In collaboration with Danielle Dorman and Michelle David, based in Portland, Oregon.

C.A.R.E.S. is a dance floor activism and pro-consent workshop led by queer people of color to empower women, the queer community, and POC to say no. We provide free pro-consent cards and zines for party goers and run consent workshops at arts and music events.

Since 2013, we have collaborated with both local and global organizations including Decibel Festival, Symbiosis, TUF, Night Shift, NXT LVL, Esthetic Evolution, and Occasion Vibration.

Our consent cards are available in English, Spanish, French, Japanese and Portuguese. 

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